Partner Amir Begdesenov Addressed an International Conference Devoted to the Issues of Efficient Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Worldwide

On 21 November 2017, the Moscow InterContinental Hotel hosted the International Conference “Protecting your IP Worldwide Efficiently”. SZP Partner Amir Begdesenov was the only Kazakhstan representative attending the Conference who, among other ten speakers, delivered his presentation “Protection from Internet Abuse in Kazakhstan”.

The main mission of the Conference was to cover the most successful international practices in the area of IP rights protection and to deliver practical recommendations to those Russian companies who have to deal with IP offences in such foreign jurisdictions as EU (including Spain, Germany and UK), Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China. The Conference comprised two sessions. The first session focused on the issues of IP protection abroad from Russia, while the second session allowed speakers to share their experience in protecting IP rights worldwide with other participants of the event.

The Conference was sponsored by Noerr, an international law firm, in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), American Chamber of Commerce in Russia and Legal Insight magazine.