Transport and Telecom

Transport and Telecom

In the process engineering sector our services comprise legal due diligence, representation in court proceedings with tax authorities at all levels, and consultation of clients regarding taxation of non-resident transportation companies.

In the mass media sector we help leading broadcasting stations and media holdings to solve various legal problems. Disputes related to copyright infringement are common in this sector.

We represent leading automobile production, logistics transportation and railway transportation companies and we assist them with various economic issues. Besides, we help them to acquire and establish joint ventures. Another reason of our success in the transportation sector is our knowledge of customs regulations.

  • Legal due diligence of a company owning the optical carriers recognised as strategic facilities of Kazakhstan

  • Representation of one of the biggest international telecommunications companies in connection with its counteragent’s bankruptcy

  • Successful representation of the largest Kazakhstani telecommunications company in Kazakhstan courts on all levels in order to challenge unlawful assessment of additional taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget by tax authorities

  • Issuing a legal opinion on the legality of claims of the Kazakhstan Agency for Protection of Competition regarding the abuse of a dominant position through the impairment of customers’ legitimate rights as a result of roaming service disconnection of advance/credit system subscribers when their balances are below the roaming threshold set by a mobile operator

  • Assignment of a dealer network of a leading manufacturer of hoisting and conveying equipment. Legal due diligence of the company considering various jurisdictions

  • Challenging in court the nonfeasance of tax authorities expressed in the failure to produce a notification on the findings of tax audit of a large railway operator

  • Advising and issuing a legal opinion with regard to taxation of sale and purchase of a major Kazakhstani transportation holding

  • Advising a client with regard to taxation of the income received by a non-resident company from Kazakhstani sources paid by a resident company providing logistics and transportation services

  • Advising a Russian transportation company with regard to taxation of revenues from international transportation services (including transportation through Kazakhstan) and related activities

  • Obtaining economic concentration approval. Drafting an application and obtaining consent of the antimonopoly authorities for a transaction implying the purchase of shares in a foreign company being a sole participant of a large Kazakhstani transportation holding owning a substantial railway wagon pool

  • Drafting an application and obtaining economic concentration approval in relation to acquisition of a leading Kazakhstani transportation company

  • Plotting a diagram of the provider-operator interaction on the Kazakhstan market of telecom services

  • Advising a major Kazakhstani broadcasting company with regard to infringement of copyrights

  • Establishment of a subsidiary of a leading international automobile producer in Kazakhstan