Criminal Law

  • Licensed attorneys with fluent English

  • Excellent criminal defense capabilities

  • Solid local legal background

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Criminal Law

When life's unfortunate events or impulsive behavior force you to deal with prosecuting agencies and criminal judges, Sayat Zholshy & Partners is your go-to law firm. 

Sometimes you can even find yourself on the wrong end of the law due to mistakes or illegal actions of law enforcement agencies.

Criminal law has always been an integral part of our legal profession, although auxiliary to the corporate practice and therefore not widely publicized. Throughout our law firm's history we assisted those individual and corporate clients who were facing criminal charges.

Now Criminal Law is a separate and fully fledged practice of Sayat Zholshy & Partners, showing steady growth, good results and spike in clients' interest.

Leader of our Criminal Law practice is Senior Partner Rustam Ospanov:

  • Mr. Ospanov assists Russian and Kazakh speaking clients.

 We have all the qualities of proper criminal defense counsel:

  • Licenses to appear as advocates before criminal courts and prosecuting authorities;
  • Mature criminal defense capabilities; 
  • Solid crime lawyering experience;
  • In-depth understanding of underlying business regulations;
  • Fluent knowledge of English and other languages for unobstructed and truly confidential communication.


We deal with the following matters:

For foreign corporations and their managers

• White collar crimes

• Financial crimes

• Corporate crimes

• Bribery/ Corruption

• Compliance

• Regulatory breaches

• Market manipulation

• Embezzlement of state procurement funds

• Fraud

• Money laundering

For individual expatriates

• Serious crimes

• Felonies

• Misdemeanors

• Misconduct 

• Public order charges

• Driving offences

• Extradition

• Default on child support payments


  • Counseling managers and employees of various companies within money laundering investigations, and being present at their interrogations by economic crimes detectives

  • Initiating a criminal case against hostile shareholders on the grounds of fraud and bank secrecy violations, and representing a company as the injured party/victim of the crime

  • Starting and controlling a criminal investigation against former top level employee in the case of bank secrecy violations

  • Pressing private criminal charges of insult and libel against an uncooperating former employee, effectively stopping him from disseminating undesirable information and forcing him to bring apologies and pay moral damages

  • Counseling and defending pilot as witness and potential suspect in a criminal case opened after the runway excursion

  • Advising and representing an airline as injured party and its employees - pilots/first officers, flight attendants, management and technical staff - as witnesses in a criminal investigation of an aircraft incident

  • Instituting criminal proceedings against infringers of copyrights and representing a local producer of jewelry items as injured party/victim of the crime

  • Representing a subsidiary of a global major dairy producer during inspection by financial police in connection with a trademark dispute

  • Advising and representing managers and employees of 6 international pharmaceutical companies interrogated as witnesses in a criminal investigation of corruption and abuse of powers by government agencies and public officers

  • Initiating criminal proceedings against a social media celebrity for the interference with due course of judicial proceeding

  • Defending an individual in a criminal case initiated by the National Anticorruption Bureau for grand embezzlement

  • Defending a foreigner in connection with his extradition to the home state for alleged tax evasion

  • Defending a corporate creditor in criminal proceedings connected with non-enforcement of a judgment

  • Defending company officers in a criminal case opened on charges of tax evasion

  • Advising officers and shareholders of a pension fund in connection with criminal proceedings started by prosecution authorities on allegations of pension savings embezzlement

  • Representing creditors in criminal proceedings connected with the withdrawal of funds from a bank by the bank’s shareholders; and

  • Defending an individual in a criminal case investigated by the National Anticorruption Bureau for alleged gang grand embezzlement of state budget funds