Criminal Law

  • Licensed attorneys with fluent English

  • Top-notch education. Extensive experience in economic criminal law

  • Multifaceted defence approach

  • Excellent criminal defense capabilities

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Criminal Law

Sayat Zholshy & Partners is a well-established team of attorneys with mature practices and extensive experience in defending Clients’ interests.  The attorney status of our partners allows them to defend criminal cases regardless of a defendant’s rank ranging from common citizens to business executives.

Having an ample business support experience, our attorneys specialise in the defence of our Clients charged with economic or corruption criminal activity.



  • Provided legal advice and defended managers and employees of various companies in connection with money laundering investigations, supported the managers and employees in the course of interrogations by economic crime officers
  • Initiated a criminal case against hostile shareholders on the grounds of fraud and bank secrecy violations, and represented the company as an injured party
  • Initiated and supported a criminal investigation against a former top level employee on alleged breach of bank secrecy
  • Pressed private criminal charges of insult and libel against an uncooperating former employee effectively stopping him from disseminating undesirable information and forcing him to bring apologies and pay moral damages
  • Advised and defended a pilot as a witness and potential suspect in a criminal case opened after a runway excursion
  • Advised and represented an airline carrier as an injured party and its employees - first officer, flight attendants and technical staff - as witnesses in a criminal investigation into an aircraft incident
  • Instituted criminal proceedings against infringers of copyrights and represented a local producer of jewellery as an injured party
  • Represented a subsidiary of a global major dairy producer in the course of an inspection conducted by finance police in connection with a trademark dispute
  • Successfully advised and represented managers and employees of 6 international pharmaceutical companies interrogated as witnesses in a criminal investigation into corruption and abuse of powers by government agencies and public officers
  • Initiated criminal proceedings against a public figure active on social media for interference with judicial proceedings
  • Defended an individual in a criminal case initiated by the National Anticorruption Bureau for grand embezzlement
  • Defended a foreigner in connection with his extradition to the home state for alleged tax evasion
  • Defended a corporate creditor in criminal proceedings connected with non-enforcement of a judgment
  • Defended company officers in a criminal case opened on charges of tax evasion
  • Advised officers and shareholders of a pension fund in connection with criminal proceedings started by prosecution authorities on allegations of pension savings embezzlement
  • Represented creditors in criminal proceedings connected with the withdrawal of funds from a bank by the bank's shareholders
  • Defended an individual in a criminal case investigated by the National Anticorruption Bureau for alleged gang grand embezzlement of state budget funds