Food industry

Food industry

We provide recommendations to trading companies and large agro-industrial holdings on a wide range of issues, including wholesale business. Our Firm has performed the following representative projects in this sector:

  • Comprehensive legal and judicial support of major shareholders of a large food holding in connection with hostile takeover attempt

  • Representation of a subsidiary of the world’s biggest dairy company in order to dismiss the investigation of anticompetitive concerted practice

  • In the course of the project implementation, Sayat Zholshy & Partners not only put forward solid arguments in compliance with the antimonopoly law, but also formulated the behaviour of the respective departments of the client in their communication with the antimonopoly authorities, and preparation and delivery of the required data

  • Representation of one of the biggest domestic vegetable oil manufacturers in order to challenge the results of a preliminary investigation performed by the antimonopoly authorities based on which they brought charges of anticompetitive concerted practice

  • Challenging in administrative proceedings the results of a preliminary investigation regarding alleged violation of antimonopoly legislation and execution of a vertical anticompetitive agreement by a company dominating in the tea wholesale market of Kazakhstan

  • Lodging a judicial appeal against various taxes assessment by tax authorities as a result of tax audit of the largest Russian alcohol company and its distributors

  • Legal due diligence of a number of grain collecting stations in East-Kazakhstan Oblast with the view of their acquisition

  • Representation of a major food producer in pre-court examination of a dispute with the antimonopoly authorities of Kazakhstan

  • Representation of one of the biggest food companies in connection with its dispute with a general contractor regarding the breach of a construction contract

  • Representation of one of the largest food producers in court with regard to its dispute with a second-tier bank on recovery of 0.8 million US dollar guarantee issued by such bank as security for performance of the counteragent’s obligations

  • Representation of one of the largest Kazakhstani food holdings in challenging the assessment of additional taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget by tax authorities

  • Challenging in the superior tax authorities, on behalf of a major Kazakhstani food holding, the assessment of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget by regional tax authorities

  • Our partners’ participation in the board of directors of a large food and transportation corporation in the capacity of independent directors in order to protect the interests of the corporation’s shareholders