Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Our lawyers have in-depth and detailed knowledge of oil and gas legislation and economic and technical problems inherent to the sector.

We provide services to companies operating in oil and gas and related sectors, including exploration, production, manufacturing, transportation and service companies.  Our subsoil use specialists always find optimal solutions proving their efficiency in successful implementation of numerous unconventional or complex projects starting with advice on acquisition and assignment of subsoil use rights, related licenses and permits, and finishing with legal support of subsoil use operations and representation of clients in courts and state authorities.

  • Comprehensive legal support of transactions on acquisition of upside oil fields in Aktobe and Atyrau Oblasts, in particular, drafting an agreement with foreign investors regarding their participation in the project and active negotiating during several months (including negotiations abroad)

  • Comprehensive legal support of acquisition by a foreign investor of a petroleum retail network (over 80 facilities in a number of Kazakhstan regions)

  • Acquisition of control over a large field in Kazakhstan.  This project required scrutinizing the issues of investor protection with regard to potential actions of the seller, as well as protection of the client’s investments from the government claims (in particular, we gathered and analysed the information on the settled practice of adjudication of investors’ claims against the Republic of Kazakhstan under international conventions)

  • Representation of a major oil and gas operator with the participation of foreign capital in connection with its appeal against additional tax assessment.  The dispute arose from a production sharing agreement

  • Representation of a large petroleum trader in connection with its appeal against the actions of anti-monopoly authorities

  • Representation of a large oil and gas service company in arbitration with regard to its counteragent’s claim for recovery of damage and a counterclaim for enforcement of contractual obligations

  • Successful legal defence of a major subsoil user producing oil in Mangistau Oblast, Kazakhstan, in connection with unlawful assessment by tax authorities of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget in the amount over USD 65 million

  • Successful legal defence of a major subsoil user with foreign participation producing oil in Atyrau Oblast, Kazakhstan, in connection with unlawful assessment by tax authorities of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget in the amount over USD 8 million

  • Successful representation of a leading Kazakhstani petroleum trader in connection with its contest to allegations that it abused a dominant position, and invalidation of actions for estimation of monopoly revenue about USD 70 million

  • Challenging in the Court of First Instance the results of anti-monopoly investigation regarding the alleged abuse by a major petroleum trader of its dominant position on the petroleum retail market in most of Kazakhstan regions

  • Obtainment, annual renewal and reissuance of work permits for 90 expatriates of an international oil and gas service company from Eastern Europe engaged in well drilling and workover, as well as designing, maintenance, operation and inspection of production facilities

  • Representation of an oil and gas company in court proceedings in connection with unconditional refusal to satisfy the claims of its former employees for their severance payments

  • Drafting a legal opinion regarding the IPO of a Kazakhstan oil company in the London Stock Exchange

  • Participating in the development of a complicated agreement on pledge of produced oil as collateral for obligations of a subsoil user combining the issues of floating charge and pledge of future objects

  • Legal due diligence of a Kazakhstani oil and gas company on request of its shareholder, partial review of its share issue prospectus in relation to Kazakhstan law, and drafting a legal opinion on IPO

  • Obtainment and regular annual renewal of work permits for about 40 expatriates of an international UK-based oil and gas service company operating simultaneously in several regions of Kazakhstan and engaged in the development and testing of drilled wells

  • Challenging in court of additional tax assessment as a result of tax audit of a large oil and gas service company

  • Obtainment of a trademark registration certificate for a major Kazakhstani company engaged in transportation of liquefied petroleum gas

  • Issuance of a legal opinion and comments regarding the corporate relations of a client as part of a joint venture with Kazakhstani state authorities

  • Simultaneous obtainment of two licenses for operations based on hydrogen chloride and the respective substantial quotas for two affiliated oil and gas service companies

  • Obtainment and annual renewal of a substantial number of licenses for drilling, testing and workover of wells and related works for an oil and gas service company