Arman Berdalin Elected as a Chairman of the KazBar Management Board

On 6 June 2013, a regular meeting of the KazBar Management Board unanimously elected Arman Berdalin, a partner of Sayat Zholshy & Partners, as a chairman of the KazBar Management Board.

According to the KazBar policy, a chairman of the Management Board shall exercise his powers for one year and, after the expiration of such period, he shall delegate his powers to a newly elected chairman of the Management Board.  The idea underlying this policy is to introduce new thinking and strategy to further development and growth of KazBar.  Hence, Aidyn Bikebayev, who had put in a lot of effort in the position of the Board Chairman, solemnly delegated his powers to Arman Berdalin

“The most challenging year in the life of KazBar has passed.  We’ve got registered and showed ourselves worthy, I believe.  With Aidyn in the chair we arranged and conducted a number of events, adopted the most important constituent documents and built up relationships with government authorities and international organisations.  We’ve got bigger things in store for us.  I think that, as things now stand, the most important goal for us is to increase the prestige of KazBar and to attract new members to the association.”

KazBar, in its turn, would like to express profound gratitude to Aidyn for his weighty contribution to KazBar development at the most difficult stage of its establishment.  Aidyn’s work has always been and will remain the most important and valuable for the objectives to be achieved by KazBar, in particular, the improvement of legal services quality in Kazakhstan and protection and support of legal profession at large.  Arman Berdalin, the newly elected chairman of the KazBar Board, will follow this mission and Aidyn Bikebayev will stay as a member of the Management Board and will participate in any events arranged by KazBar.

Besides, KazBar would like to express gratitude to Klavdiya Yessenzhulova, the Executive Director of KazBar, who is leaving the association for further education abroad.  We wish her academic and professional achievements.  Currently, the position of the KazBar Executive Director is open and we would appreciate any references and recommendations to this position.  Please send CV’s to