Partner Arman Berdalin, attended the Corporate Governance workshop «The Control Environment” that was held on 4-7 November, 2013 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The Program is organizing a four-day Training-of-Trainers (TOT) workshop to enhance the Program’s partner institutions’ capacities to understand, introduce, strengthen and promote an effective control environment (including risk governance, internal control systems, internal audit functions and compliance functions).  The workshop will be held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, between November 4 and 7, 2013 (inclusive).

The event, comprising four days of intensive training, is part of the Program’s efforts to strengthen the institutional capacity of its partner institutions (which comprise institutes of directors, corporate governance associations, chambers of commerce, consulting companies and other entities committed to promoting corporate governance in their markets).  Participants will develop the knowledge base and skill sets needed to both provide consulting services to companies and banks as well as lead director education programs that reflect international best practices adapted to regional trends and country specific needs through improving their understanding of risk governance, internal control systems, internal audit and compliance. The event will provide participants with lectures, case studies and interactive learning exercises.  Participants will be exposed to further adult learning techniques and be encouraged to share and discuss their own experiences.
During four day seminar, the following key topics were discussed: The Corporate Governance in Europe and Central Asia: Strengths and Challenges, Strategic and Financial Oversight, Risk Governance, Internal Audit and Compliance Systems.

The event was led by trainers experienced in corporate governance field:  Karla Brom, Charles Canfield, Mary Jo Larson,  Kirill Nejkov, Oliver Orton,  Ralitza Germanova.