IX Kazakhstan Forum of Corporate Lawyers

The first day of the Forum will be devoted to the discussion of such issues as the legal standing of entities, regulation of the legal services marketand the court and arbitration practices.  A number of sessions will focus on environmental, antitrust, corporate and civil law innovations and the effect of the operative rules on the regulation of companies’ business and operations.

On the second day of the Forum the participants will discuss the tax control and risk-related issues, judicial settlement case studies illustrated by existing companies, and legal aspects of corporate governance.

The event will offer you the opportunity to get answers to your burning questions from legal practitioners engaged in various sectors of economy and counsels having considerable experience in providing legal solutions.

The Forum will also include a workshop on “Efficiency Enhancement of Law Department Management” implying a detailed analysis of the KPI system development know-how for HR management and evaluation.

Please RSVP at: 8 (727) 313-76-54, 82, 83.