Kazakhstan Government Adopted the Criteria for Acknowledging Subsoil Blocks/Fields as Strategically Important

By its Resolution of 7 August 2015 the Kazakhstan Government adopted the criteria for acknowledging subsoil blocks/fields as strategically important.

The criteria set out in the Resolution are as follows:

1.the aggregate volume of recoverable reserves, e.g. oil, is minimum 15 mln tons, or natural gas - 10 bln cubic meters;

2.offshore or inland waters;

3.the defence capabilities or national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

- threat to economic interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

- negative effect on the defence capabilities of the country and threat to the inviolability of the state border; and

- deterioration of ecological situation, including, but not limited to, the drinking water quality, calamities and other natural or anthropogenic emergencies, epidemics and epizootics;

4.uranium fields; and

5.underground water deposits for potable or domestic water supply to major population centres.


Should you have any queries regarding subsoil use, please contact our Partner Askhad Koshkarbayev