Kairat Serikpayev’s Article published in CURSIVE Business Portal

SZP Partner Kairat Serikpayev wrote an article titled “Recommendations for a Less Cost and Accelerated Due Diligence” for a popular CURSIVE Business Web Portal.

It is common knowledge that any legal or other due diligence plays an essential role in making a success of a prospective business transaction implying the acquisition of interests or shares in a company.

How to proceed when there is not much time left for due diligence or when the offered due diligence fee exceeds the allocated budget, although the need for due diligence is desperate? 

Based on years of experience in providing support for business sale and purchase transactions, we have elaborated practical recommendations on how to arrange curtailed and low-cost legal or other due diligence.

The below recommendations might be helpful either for a potential purchaser or for a seller of business.