Kazakhstan Amended the Rules for Issuance of Foreign Work Permits

On 31 March 2016, Kazakhstan Government issued Resolution No. 173 amending the Rules and Conditions for Issuance of Work Permits to Foreign Employees and Foreign Employment Permits to Kazakhstan Employers.

The adopted amendments are mainly aimed at improving the procedure for issuance of permits in connection with the so-called ‘intragroup secondment’ and making it more affordable for businesses.  From now on, the employment of foreigners through intragroup secondment will not be subject to any quota restriction.

Foreign employment permits for intragroup secondment will be issued for the term of secondment, but in any case not longer than three years, which can be extended only once for twelve months.

The duration of the time-limited review of documents for the issuance of intragroup secondment permit was reduced from five days to one day as a conciliatory gesture toward business.

The SZP team continues to monitor the situation with foreign work and employment permits and, if necessary, is ready to render assistance in obtaining such permits.