SZP Partner Amir Begdesenov Hails the Formation of the Kazakhstan Agency for the Protection of Competition

SZP Partner Amir Begdesenov and a number of other experts have given their opinions on major aspects of the Presidential Address.

In particular, Amir Begdesenov hailed the formation of the Kazakhstan Agency for the Protection of Competition and stressed the importance of compliance with the OECD principles and the independence of Antitrust Authority from all other government authorities.

Further, Amir stated the need for alignment of all the Agency’s functions to focus on the protection of competition and pursuit of economic well-being and not to waste their efforts trying to protect consumer rights, curb price growth and regulate tariffs otherwise.

Amir believes that the actual independence of the new Agency can be achieved in terms of five dimensions, namely, clear role of the Agency (addressing global barriers to the development of competition rather than simply collecting fines and penalties), transparency and accountability, financial independence, independent leadership and staff efficiency.

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