SZP Senior Partner Aidyn Bikebayev Attending a Meeting of Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart TOKAYEV with Kazakhstan Business Circles

On 19 May 2022, Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart TOKAYEV met with Kazakhstan business circles.  In the meeting, SZP Senior Partner Aidyn Bikebayev raised the issue of Kazakhstan business involvement in the sphere of criminal proceedings and offered an action plan of how to resolve the issue.

Aidyn Bikebayev stated the necessity of further judicial reform; the importance of independent expertise involvement in pretrial investigations into white-collar crimes; the possibility of lifting sanctions upon detention of white-collar criminals; the development of a scheme for compensation of corporate damages inflicted by company’s officers by way of recourse; and other important measures.  In particular, he noted that, in an attempt to protect the rights of attorneys-at-law and to enhance legal practice safeguards, the Kazakhstan National Bar Association has developed a concept for the development of the attorneys’ community and suggested a number of legislative measures for the implementation of the concept.

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