SZP SENIOR PARTNER AIDYN BIKEBAYEV PARTICIPATING IN THE Interdepartmental Law-drafting Commission of the Kazakhstan Government

On 27 May 2022, the Kazakhstan Government held the 586th meeting of its Interdepartmental Law-drafting Commission.

The meeting was called to consider a draft opinion of the Kazakhstan Government on the draft law Concerning Amendments to the Kazakhstan Subsoil and Subsoil Use Code Intended to Improve Mineral Resources Management and a draft concept of the draft law Concerning Amendments to the Kazakhstan Criminal Procedure Code Intended to Expand the Scope of Cases Subject to Trial by Jury.

The Kazakhstan National Bar Association submitted for consideration by the Commission their vision of jury system introduction in Kazakhstan.

The Interdepartmental Law-drafting Commission acts as a ‘filter’ in the process of considering new legislative projects initiated by the Kazakhstan Government.

The Commission consists of Kazakhstan MPs, public officers and representatives of private sector and business community.