Participation of Senior Associate Amir Begdesenov in “Kazakhstan: Export and Investments” Forum held in Vienna, Austria

On 17 April 2013, Austrian Economic ChambersWirtschaftskammer Österreich organized in Vienna, Austria a forum devoted to Kazakhstan, in particular, such important and vital issues as export and investments.  This is a regular event which is quite popular among business executives of Austria and other countries.  Annually, the Forum brings together dozens of participants from Austria and the whole world who would like to get an idea of doing business in various countries, namely, Kazakhstan being a country with enormous economic and resource potential.

At the Forum Amir Begdesenov, Senior Associate of Sayat Zholshy & Partners, made a presentation on the key issues of Kazakhstan labour law and personnel.  Amir gave a general overview of labour relations in Kazakhstan and expanded on the procedures for issuance of foreign work permits in Kazakhstan, as well as specifics of doing business in Kazakhstan.

The format of the event allowed for informal meetings, discussions and negotiations with regard to the prospects of mutually advantageous cooperation.  Thus, in the course of the Forum Amir communicated with representatives of various companies seconding their personnel to Kazakhstan and seeking foreign work permits.  Besides, Amir discussed potential involvement of Sayat Zholshy & Partners in future events held in Austria and their benefit for the Austrian business.  Apart from many participants with whom Amir discussed numerous business issues, he also met with representatives of the Kazakhstan Embassy in Austria to whom he disclosed the potential of SZP and engagement of its lawyers as experts in similar forums and conferences.