Senior Partner Aidyn Bikebayev Took Part in the 6th Annual Small and Medium-Size Business Development Forum

On 19 May 2014, Moscow hosted the 6thAnnual Small and Medium-Size Business Development Forum organized by business dailyVedomostiunder the auspices of the Eurasian Economic Commission featuringOpora Rossiyi, an all-Russian public organisation of small and medium-size businesses.

Senior Partner Aidyn Bikebayev made a presentation at the roundtable “Improvement of the Common Economic Space Legislation for Removal of Barriers to the Cooperation among Small and Medium-Size Businesses” moderated by Nikita Belykh, a temporary acting Governor of the Kirov Oblast.

As part of his presentation Aidyn criticized the motions of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development to amend the antitrust law and to take additional legislative measures to exclude from the law those provisions which hamper the development of business.

For example, he pointed out why it is necessary to abolish the commercial register of those entities whose market share in a certain commodity market exceeds 35 per cent or which occupy a dominant position in a certain commodity market, and to exclude from the law such notion as “concerted practices”.

The Forum was also attended by Andrey Tsyganov (Deputy Chief of the Russian Federal Antitrust Service), Nurlan Aldanbergenov (Member (Minister) of the Competition and Antitrust Regulation Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission), Vladimir Goshin (Member (Minister) of the Customs Cooperation Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission), Sergei Katyrin (President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce) and others.