Asel Sandybaeva, Counsel of «Sayat Zholshy & Partners», took part in the scientific-practical conference "International Commercial Arbitration and the Issues of Private Law"

Scientific-practical conference "International Commercial Arbitration and the issues of private law" was held on October 14, 2015, in Almaty at the Grand Hotel "Tien-Shan". It was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the President of the International Arbitration Court «IUS» (hereinafter – «IUS») Mr.Peter Greshnikov and 25th anniversary of the idea of creating the «IUS». The event was organized by the «IUS» in conjunction with the Caspian Public University (Almaty) and the "Arbitration tribunal" magazine (St. Petersburg).

Counsel Asel Sandybaeva participated in main official events and discussion sessions, during which reports were made by:

- Arbitrators of «IUS»,

- The arbitrators of the Kazakhstani International Arbitrage,

- Arbitrators of various Kazakhstani and Russian commercial arbitration courts,

- Representatives of the Russian Center of Assistance to Arbitration Courts.