Law firm "Sayat Zholshy & Partners" was commended by the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan for its input into survey for the World Competitiveness Yearbook

Our firm was acknowledged as a respondent for the World Competitiveness Yearbook survey, and received a letter of appreciation from the Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan.

World Competitiveness Yearbook and corresponding World Competitiveness Rankings are annually released by the International Institute for Management and Development (IMD), Lausanne, Switzerland.  The Yearbook is the leading annual report on the competitiveness of nations which ranks and analyzes the ability of nations to create and maintain an environment in which enterprises can compete. It benchmarks the performance of 62 countries based on four main factors - Economic Performance, Government Efficiency, Business Efficiency and Infrastructure. These factors comprise more than 300 criteria measuring different facets of competitiveness.

Kazakhstan is analyzed since 2008, and is currently ranked 34th. This result places Kazakhstan ahead of other researched CIS countries, and confirms our country's solid standings in the world rankings.