The Credit Committee of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC Resolved to Accredit SAYAT ZHOLSHY & PARTNERS

Development Bank of Kazakhstan is a Kazakhstan government-owned bank whose mission is to promote stable long-term economic growth of the Republic of Kazakhstan by way of satisfaction, on a commercial basis, of the investment needs of the accelerated development of the competitive secondary industries of the national economy in the credit resources, which are not supported by the second-tier banks.  The Bank invests in greenfield processing and infrastructure projects.

On 28 April 2016, the Credit Committee of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC resolved to accredit SAYAT ZHOLSHY & PARTNERS as an external legal evaluator of investment projects thus expressing their confidence in our firm and acknowledging the high quality of our services.

The joint efforts of the SZP team ensured successful implementation of numerous projects.  Cooperation with Development Bank of Kazakhstan is an immense challenge for our cross-functional team.  The accreditation affords us the opportunity to participate in the Bank’s investment projects and, through such involvement, contribute to economic growth of Kazakhstan, thus demonstrating our readiness to the extension of our mutually beneficial relations.