Dmitry Chumakov

Dmitry Chumakov


Attorney at Law

Practice area:
  • Family Law
  • Labour Law
  • Licenses and Regulatory Permits
  • Law-making Practice
  • Foreign Employment Permits
  • Technical Regulation and Certification
  • Infrastructure Projects. Public-Private Partnership

+7 (727) 2222 711 

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  • Almaty City Bar


Dmitriy is a partner and long-standing member of Sayat Zholshy & Partners.

Since 2008, Dmitriy has been leading such areas of practice as Licenses/Permits, Corporate/Labour/Employment Law and Government Audits (client support).

Dmitriy has extensive experience in providing legal support to major trading, manufacturing and service companies operating in construction, oil & gas, agriculture, healthcare, mechanical engineering and research & development sectors in relation to various matters, including corporate reorganization and restructuring.

Dmitriy has been actively involved in lawmaking.  He contributed to the drafting of 29 laws and over 150 regulations adopted by the Kazakhstan government and ministries.  In 2013, Dmitriy, on assignment from the World Bank and Kazakhstan Ministry of Regional Development, took lead with a full-scale project on drafting a new Kazakhstan law concerning permits and notices turning Sayat Zholshy & Partners (a mere provider of licensing services) into, in a sense, an ideologist of the Kazakhstan licensing and approval regulations.

Prior to joining Sayat Zholshy & Partners, Dmitriy headed the legal service of a major Kazakhstan leasing company.  He also used to work in the National Legal Service of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Justice.  Dmitriy acted as a member of the negotiation group dealing with Kazakhstan’s accession to the WTO.  He represented Kazakhstan expertise in the work of Eurasian Economic Union bodies.  He provided legal support to numerous projects on allocation of major budget credits and subsidies.  Dmitriy also assisted with implementation of large-scale investment projects (loans) of international financial institutions in Kazakhstan (IBRD and ADB).

Dmitriy used to lead the legal working group engaged in the establishment of KazAgro National Holding.  He was also involved in the procedures for liquidation of second-tier banks.  He regularly supervised projects for representation of clients in courts of all instances in connection with various disputes, including, but not limited to, corporate disputes (management issues), debt collections, transaction contests and labour disputes.  Dmitriy used to lead legal work connected with municipal development projects (parking lot arrangements, urban solid waste sorting and disposal, etc.).  He successfully performed the functions of a member of the boards of directors of a major nonbank agricultural credit institution and of a municipal housing company.

Apart from the aforementioned areas of practice, Dmitriy also specialises in technical regulations and procurement procedures.

Since 2013, Dmitriy has been also coordinating the family law practice (divorce and division of property) and inheritance practice.


  • Kazakhstan National University of Law, Business Law Faculty, honours degree, 1998.
  • Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St. Petersburg, Master of Laws, 2017.


  • Russian
  • English