Sayat Zholy & Partners has successfully completed a project for the preparation and issuance of a legal opinion on family law issues and commentary thereto on assignment from the High Court of Justice in England and Wales where SZP Partner Dmitriy Chumakov played the role of an expert

The Family Law at Exeter (the Family Division in the High Court of Justice in England and Wales) engaged Dmitriy Chumakov as an expert to provide his legal opinion on the relevant area of family law in Kazakhstan.  The High Court in England sought the expert opinion of a Kazakhstan lawyer in connection with a family dispute about arrangements for a child and parental rights, and who of the parents is awarded custody and visitation rights.  SZP team issued a legal opinion and drafted an agreement on the exercise of parental rights which regulated the procedure for the child travelling to Kazakhstan and prevented any unlawful removal of the child from England or retaining of the child in Kazakhstan.

We are proud to admit that each such project, when an SZP attorney is appointed as an expert and is required to provide support toward the project completion, is crucial for us and boosts further development of our family law practice for the sake of our Clients.